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Our firm has extensive experience resolving personal injury and auto accident claims, bankruptcy matters, foreclosure actions, debt collection matters, and contract, business, and real property disputes.  We provide efficient and effective representation in resolving your legal issues and disputes, primarily in the following practice areas:


  • Auto Accidents & Personal Injury  -- Our firm has been successfully representing injured persons in auto accidents and other injury claims for more than 37 years.  The claims resolution process can be complicated and time consuming, making effective legal representation key to a successful case and full recovery of your damages.  Know your rights before you sign any release, and do not settle without advice of counsel or for less than you deserve.  Call today for a free initial consultation.
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Assistance (Debtor) -- Financial hardship can ruin your life and set you back years in your ultimate financial goals.  Most debtors struggling financially can obtain an immediate fresh financial start and wipe out their debts through Bankruptcy, while also keeping most, if not all, of their property.  Bankruptcy will halt harassing creditor calls and put you back on track financially.  We handle Chapter 7, 11 and 13 case filings.  Call today for a free initial consultation.
  • Bankruptcy (Creditor Representation) -- Many creditors do not file claims or objections in Bankruptcy cases, often resulting in no recovery to the creditor.  Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing Bankruptcy filings, resolving creditor claims and objections in Bankruptcy cases, and maximizing recovery and payment to creditors. 
  • Collections (Debtor & Creditor) -- Nonpayment of debts can create a financial hardship for both the debtor and creditor.  By understanding your rights, remedies, and defenses, however, an efficient result can always be achieved.  Our attorneys have successfully negotiated and litigated numerous collection disputes, both large and small.
  • Garnishments, Repossessions, & Bank Levies -- State law provides for a variety of means for debt recovery.  Know your rights, and get what you deserve.
  • Real Property, Contract Disputes, & Litigation -- Our firm handles a variety of property and contract matters, including purchase and sale agreements, contract disputes and negotiation, and complex property litigation and resolution.  With the law of contracts and property always in flux, you should always contact experienced counsel to advise of your rights and remedies.
  • Construction & Lien Law -- Our office has assisted contractors, subcontractors, architects and owners in various contract and construction disputes for more than 37 years.  With the volatility of the construction industry, it is important that you know your rights and protect yourself from unnecessary disputes and economic loss.
  • Contract Preparation & Negotiation -- In addition to handling contract disputes, our office has more than 37 years of drafting and forms experience, and will prepare and/or negotiate the right contract documents for your situation.
  • Insurance Disputes & Claims Resolution -- The insurance company is looking out for its bottom line and the interests of shareholders and insureds.  Without effective legal representation, most claimants do not get what they deserve and are not made whole.  We will aggressively represent your interest to recover the maximum damages you are entitled to.
  • Probates & Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts) -- Assets and liabilities of a decedent must be administered in accordance with State law, and the will and wishes of the decedent must be honored and properly carried out.  Our firm handles many probate and estate matters and can ensure a smooth transition and estate settlement process.
  • Governmental & Municipal -- For over 26 years, our office has represented local Diking and Drainage Districts, and other special purpose districts and municipalities in a wide range of legal issues.  We continue to represent special purpose interests, especially relating to flood protection and drainage systems in Skagit County.
  • Arbitration & Mediation Services -- We provide private arbitration and mediation services, and can help resolve your legal disputes without the need for costly litigation.  Every year, more and more cases are resolved through alternative dispute resolution, and we continue to help further that goal.